C.O.M.B.O. Extension
C.O.M.B.O. Extension

C.O.M.B.O. Extension

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C.O.M.B.O. Extension

Competitive.  Optimized.  Multi.  Button.  Options.

C.O.M.B.O. Extensions are a brand new 2-in-1 arcade button. It allows you to create your own unique button layout without drilling holes or purchasing a new controller. C.O.M.B.O. Extensions give your controller more power.


Classic, Super, and Ultra buttons have different levels of actuation and total travel distance to match your own unique playstyle.


The additional square button is a slim button that rests on top of your controller.  The Extension is wired independently from the main button to whatever you see fit.


No drilling holes required. With C.O.M.B.O. Kit accessories (included), the process is like installing a typical arcade button with a few extra steps (installation guide below).

Add L3, R3, and Touchpad buttons?

What about Left / Down / Right?


 Unleash your true potential! Take advantage of all of the customization that the C.O.M.B.O. Button offers. C.O.M.B.O. Extensions fit other arcade controllers, including many standard arcade sticks.

Features & Details:
  • 2-in-1 arcade button plus extension button
  • Snap-in installation
  • Speed options:
    • Classic: 1.0mm actuation distance; 1.5mm travel distance
    • Super: 0.5mm actuation distance; 1.0mm travel distance
    • Ultra: 0.3mm actuation distance; 0.65mm travel distance
  • Color options:
    • Black (with Black extension cap)
    • Black (with White extension cap)
    • Crystal (with Pearl extension cap)
    • Crystal (with Black extension cap)
    • Red (with Red extension cap)
    • Red (with White extension cap)
    • White (with White extension cap)
    • White (with Black extension cap)
  • Crystal version allows for custom art installation

What's Included:

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