Digital-Only Mode on Cross|Up

With the growing interest and prominence of preserving older videos games digitally, the fighting game community now has even better access to games that were only ever released in arcades.

However, since these games came out before the existence of analog or multiple directional inputs on controllers, taking full advantage of all of the Cross|Up's functions and features can be difficult.

This is why we have introduced a new feature with the 2.00 Cross|Up Designer and Firmware: Legacy Digital-Only Mode!

What is Digital-Only Mode?

Legacy Digital-Only Mode is a feature within the Cross|Up Designer that allows you to map Left Stick and DPad onto your Cross|Up, use all of the SOCD and Cross|Resolution Settings, and still maintain that functionality when playing older titles that only ever had one, digital directional input.

In short: it converts all of the directional input settings on the Cross|Up that can be applied to modern fighting games, and allows you to use them in older fighting games.

Applying Digital-Only Mode

Open the Designer and select the Profile Settings menu on the right side, titled as "SOCD."

With the Profile Settings menu open, now select "Show More Setting..."
The Profile Settings window should expand.
To activate Digital-Only Mode, select "Legacy Digital-Only Mode."
Once you have this selected, you can save the settings to your Cross|Up.

How Does It Work?

1 - Digital-Only Mode only applies to the selected Profile.
  • Legacy Digital-Only Mode is a setting that can be turned on and off for every individual profile on your Cross|Up.
  • Ensure you save the Digital-Only Mode settings to the Profile you wish to use.
  • Turning on Digital-Only Mode for one profile will not affect any other profiles you have on your Cross|Up.
2 - Your Cross|Up will only output DPad directions.
  • Regardless of how many Left Stick or DPad directions you have mapped on your Cross|Up layout, all of them will output as DPad.
  • If you plan on using intricate directional input settings, mapping Left Stick and DPad on your Cross|Up layout is highly recommend.
3 - Your Cross|Up will keep all of your SOCD and Cross|Resolution Settings.
  • Change the SOCD and Cross|Resolution settings to what fits your needs.
  • Keep Left Stick and DPad directions mapped on your Cross|Up to get the most out of these settings.

4 - When you map your Cross|Up to a legacy game or program, you will only need to map DPad.

  • When a game or program asks for you to map the buttons, you only need to map DPad directions.
  • Since both Left Stick and DPad will output as DPad, as long as you map all four cardinal directions - Left, Down, Right, and Up - then your directional mappings should be complete.

5 - Enjoy all the functionality of the Cross|Up in legacy fighting games!

  • All of the cool things that the Cross|Up allows can now be used in older fighting game titles.
  • Test out all of your favorite games to see all the awesome things you can do.

- - -

For more information and guides on the Cross|Up Designer, browse through the Cross|Up Designer Index or use select the "Designer" tag at the bottom of this post. If you have any questions about the Cross|Up Designer, please join our community on Discord and visit the #cross-up channel.