Guilty Gear -STRIVE- on Hit Box - 632146 / HCBF Motions

The most important finisher in Guilty Gear -STRIVE- is an input motion you do not want to miss. Mitigate misinputs and make the 632146 input motion your most consistent on Hit Box with this guide.

Be sure to perfect your 41236 / HC Motions prior to practicing your Overdrives!

Standard Motion


Forward (6)
Down + Forward (3)
Back + Down + Forward (2)
Back + Down (1)
Back (4)
Forward (6)

This motion can be tricky if you go too quickly to the final Forward (6) input. Most people that have issue with it are still holding Back (4) or Down-Back (1) when they input Forward (6). Focus on making a clean transfer from Back (4) to Forward (6), and you can get this motion down!

The below gif is a simplified yet effective input sequence, where you piano each button individually. Practice this to ensure you are getting your Overdrive inputs correct, then move with a faster sequence.


Slide Method


Forward (6) -> Back (4) -> Forward (6)

This is the same motion, but simplified into a fun slide with your fingers. If you are having difficult getting the final Forward (6) input in your Overdrive, this method might help you out.

Note: It may be easier to use one or two fingers to slide depending on which directions you are starting from. Experiment to see which best works for you. 

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