Shift Button on Hit Box

The menu buttons of the Hit Box have been updated. The newest feature is the "Shift Button." This button helps the Hit Box access more binds than before, which provide quick access to L3 & R3 and improved quality of life for training modes in fighting games.


  • The Shift Button changes the functionality of the three other menu buttons
    • It does not output anything to the game when pressed.

Default - Shift Button not activated

The layout for the back of the controller is now: SHIFT / Home / Touchpad / Options

By itself the Shift Button does nothing until it is combined with other buttons.


Active - Shift Button held

By holding the SHIFT button, the Home / Touchpad / Options buttons transform into Share / L3 / R3.



To access this functionality, download the latest firmware:

If you have any questions about the Hit Box, please join our community on Discord and visit the #hit-box channel. In addition, be sure explore the "Hit Box" and "Features" tag at the bottom of this post for more content.