B Reverse & Wavebounce with Mirror

Ready to learn four advanced techniques all at the same time?!  Well, if that sounds scary, it's not.  I'm going to teach you an easy way to B Reverse your Side Specials, and magically you'll be able to do three more techniques (that otherwise would have very different muscle memory)!

This lesson builds off of other information we've been teaching.  I definitely recommend checking out the review section at the bottom.




B Reverse (Side Special)

What we're going to do is Jump Forward, press B, and then press Mirror.

This technique will completely reverse your aerial momentum and make you Side B in the opposite direction you were heading.  You can jump away and then B Reverse right back into the action.

The Mirror Button takes that Forward direction you're holding and turns it the exact opposite way.  It's the button we love to use for RAR and many other techniques.  This button is not mandatory, but it helps your consistency go through the roof.



B Reverse (Neutral Special)

 This time we're adding one more button: Tilt.

The Tilt Button is a modifier we use to walk and Tilt Attack.  By holding it down it makes our analog magnitude go from full tilt, to very slightly tilt.  In fact, the Tilt Button makes your analog so slightly tilt, that we don't even get a Side Special!

By doing the exact same B Reverse technique and adding the Tilt modifier, our Side Special becomes a Neutral Special!  There's no need to use the old 'flick method' or any sort of method tapping one direction and letting go.  Just hold Tilt!



 Wavebounce (Side B)

Hold Back (instead of Forward) and you'll get a Wavebounce.

Wavebounce may sound and look totally different than B Reverse, but inputting it not.  There's only one key difference in executing this technique:  While jumping Forward, switch directions to Back right before you press B.  It switches your direction up and gives you a nifty aerial zig-zag.



Wavebounce (Neutral B)

Once again add a Tilt Button to make it Neutral Special.

Last one!  We're going to put everything we've learned together now.  We're going to do that exact same Wavebounce but add the Tilt Button again.  This turns our Side Special into a Neutral Special. For more on getting Neutral B while using Tilt, check out our blog post: Tilt Neutral B.

It may look daunting at first, but once you get B Reverse (Side B) down it's 100% consistent, and the muscle memory is almost identical across all of the techniques here.  B Reverse and Wavebounce all become second nature, and you won't worry about missing them in a match!



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Happy Training!
- Dustin

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