Community Controllers of 2022!

Our community loves customizing their controllers - from custom art to buttons that fit their needs and aesthetic. Within our Discord server, users share their work allowing the rest of the community to see what they have done.

Since so many people love seeing all of this great work, we wanted to celebrate the best that the community had to offer. We set a community vote for the best controllers in our Discord, and these are the results!

Arivel's Hit Box

From Arivel:

"I made the art myself. Originally I was going to go with a One Piece design however I ended up changing my mind very quick after I got DBFZ and played SSB Gogeta and the Broly movie also helped me solidify that decision. Only used photoshop and artwork and renders I found online. I guess the only thing I have left to say is that since the Hit Box is like a blank canvas I will definitely be making more artwork for my and hopefully other peoples' controllers in 2023."

Buttons: Sanwa OBSF

Twitter: @Arivel_GFX
Instagram: @arivel_gfx

JinDaKiD's Hit Box

From JinDaKiD:

"Screenshots on the base [are a] of bunch of fighting games I play, with a standout picture of my favorite character Juri Han as the focal point."

Artist: Felipe Fernandez

Buttons: Qanba Gravity KS Silent Buttons

Twitter: @JinDaKiD

Poverino's Smash Box


A fully custom case build for Smash Box with tons of customizations.

From Poverino:

"It is a retro-futuristic mid century modern smash box... That's sort of the two aesthetics I was drawn to. I designed it all in Blender & photoshop. The art is lasered onto a sheet of brass that was covered in vinyl. So the laser melted away the vinyl in order to reveal the brass/art. It is made of a mixture of wood, metal, and plexiglass. It lights up. The Japanese text in the center is the Smash Bros logo in Japan. The switches on the side are swapped and light up too. I put articulating feet on the bottom so that the LEDs would glow underneath the box as well as I played it on my table."

On other modifications:

"SpyBoard 2.0 (from Lubbery), I installed legs on the bottom so that I could play on it on my desk at a particular angle. I bought custom switches on the side. There were smash bros medallions made by CuteMonsterProps. Luberry created the custom bracket used to offset the 5pin connector (whatever amount of pins it is) so that it was flush. The USB-B was swapped to USB-C. The nunchuk port was removed."

Buttons: Sanwa OBSF Gold & Gun Metal Metallic

Full details and more pics:

Instagram: @MattBendo

Buddha's Hit Box

From Buddha:

"The artist/graphic designer is Felipe Fernandez from @TheArcadeStick website and for the art itself it’s Guts from Berserk and a collage of his [awesome] moments."

Buttons: Sanwa Metallic Gun Metal and Metallic Red

Twitter: @Big_Bhuddha

Instagram: @majin_bhuddha

- - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you to everyone that shares their amazing work with us and we appreciate everyone that participates in our community for cool ideas like this.

If you wish to see more awesome controllers like this, or if you have an official Hit Box, Smash Box, or Cross|Up that you have customized and want to share, please join our Discord and check out the #gallery channel.

- Team Hit Box