Cross|Up Designer 1.08 - The Golden Update

The Golden Update

This is the official version of the designer that Cross|Ups coming off our factory line will be shipping with! We have updated the background of the user interface to reflect the new layout. Those of your updating your Alpha units from 1.07: this update (1.08) is compatible with both Alpha and Final units, so there is no loss of functionality if you update.

Download Cross|Up Designer 1.08

New SOCD Core!

The Cross|Up is better than ever with some new stability and performance fixes directed at the SOCD core. Besides our Hybrid SOCD setups, one thing that was not exactly clear was what was happening (or what was even supposed to happen) when you have layouts that give you simultaneous access to opposing directions on multiple control axes. This new update definitively solves that. Cases involving multiple lefts and rights are now resolved in a way that is more intuitive AND gives you more control options after the second opposing cardinal.

We were treading new ground by giving people simultaneous access to the analog stick and dpad, but now we have perfected it.

Axis-Independent SOCD

One of the most requested features has been the ability to assign SOCD resolutions on a per-axis basis. So we came up with a way to keep SOCD friendly but still give the tech and lab monsters a way to push their control schemes to the limits. The result was an expanded SOCD menu that lets you alter SOCD on a per-axis basis.

In the SOCD menu, pressing the "Show More Options" menu will allow you to specify which SOCD resolution you want for both axes. As an example for people who want a perfect Guile but aren't ready to learn the Hit Box's advanced SOCD tricks: you can use second input priority for left and right (to piano sonic hurricanes without having to release buttons) and keep the classic Hit Box SOCD resolution for up and down (for instant flash kicks).


Changes to SOCD Resolutions

To reflect the changes in the new SOCD core and maintain better precision with our language, we changed some of the terms for SOCD Resolutions to more accurately reflect what it is that they do. Below we will go over and explain any SOCD Resolutions that received updates and/or name changes. If you want a thorough explanation of these and more options, please check out the "SOCD Resolutions on Cross|Up" blog post.

    • First Input Priority
      • Previously: First Input Override.
      • First input Priority will let you keep your original direction regardless of how many opposing directions you press after it. In other words, it will let you charge left even if you press right afterwards. It gets fancy when you start using multiple cardinals since the "first" cardinal will always be the lowest numbered cardinal you're holding down.
        • Great for: 
          • Charge partitioning.
          • Retro games where you typically hold a single direction and only release it sparingly (eg, retro platforming games where you’re holding right most of the time).
      • Last Input Priority
        • Previously: Second Input Override. 
        • The new core now guarantees that you will get the very last direction you press regardless of what button sequence you used along the way. This means that no matter how many lefts or rights you use, and no matter what order you press or release them in, you are now guaranteed to always get only the very last direction you entered. To fully utilize it, you will need to have both dpad (DP) and analog (LS) in your control schemes.
          • Great for:
            • Charge characters.

          Additional Updates

          • Secret Menu
            • We have changed some of the profiles in the secret menu.
            • If you haven't heard of the secret menu profiles, these are profiles that will be assigned to the layout on your 3-way switch's (II) position (replacing whatever your 3rd layout is as shown in the designer) if you hold one of the face buttons as you plug in the Cross|Up.
            • More info: Secret Menu
          • Additional Profiles
            • We have added tons of profiles for 3D games, training mode, and Smash Ultimate. Check them out by importing them into the designer: Importing and Exporting Profiles. Tell us which ones you like and are testing out!
          • Smash Bros.
            • The Smash-specific TILT1 and TILT2 have kept their button badges but have slightly changed language in the button selection menus. TILT1 has changed to "Angled FTilt" and TILT2 has changed to "Turnaround UTilt" to better reflect what they're useful for. We have a lot of new Smash stuff coming in a future update, so if Ultimate on Cross|Up is up your alley then stay tuned for future releases.
          • Input Method Resolution
            • This is the option to choose how Dpad and Left Stick interact. While there were changes to improve functionality of the SOCD core and Input Method Resolution was part of those changes, the biggest thing you will see is its name change: it was previously called "Input Method Priority." We changed this to better reflect what this portion of the options were doing, as not all of the options are priorities.

          We are always adding cutting edge features to make your games both more accessible and more precise. What games are you using your Cross|Up for? Share your layouts with us on Twitter and Discord!

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          Download Cross|Up Designer 1.08