Secret Menu on Cross|Up

Did you know there are more pre-loaded profiles than what is simply accessed by the profile switch?  There are 8 additional profiles on the Cross|Up that we call our "Secret Menu."  This guide will give you a quick tour of all the fun profiles that are waiting for you in the Secret Menu.

You access the secret menu by putting your profile switch into the "II" or back position, and then holding a specific face button when plugging the controller in.


This new profile replaces the "II" position on the profile while plugged in.  Secret Menu profiles do not stay active between play sessions, and you will need to hold the Secret Menu button while plugging in every time you play to access that profile.

If you end up liking one of the Secret Menu profiles a lot, but do not want to access it this way, you can always import and save these onto one of your main three profile slots. Find the Secret Menu profiles and more by using the "Browse Profiles" function at the top of the Designer Software window. More info: here.

DPad Up - Tekken Split

Set your Cross|Up to profile switch "II" then hold the thumb button while you are plugging in your Cross|Up.  The following profile will now be active on switch "II":

This may be the strongest way to play Tekken.

Putting "Left" and "Right" at the center of your layout maximizes your movement and accuracy.

It takes some muscle memory rewiring, but it is worth it.  Remember to think in
Tekken logic:
1  Left Punch / 2  Right Punch
3  Left Kick /    4  Right Kick

* Re-bind and swap 'Down' and 'Up' for
  2D games such as Mortal Kombat, KoF,
  air-dashers, etc.

Legacy Digital-Only Mode
Hit Box SOCD

Additional Notes From Dustin:

This profile is a super-optimized example of a cross-input layout to utilize the extra directional buttons without moving your hand away from the attack buttons.  There are limitless examples of what can be accomplished here.

Korean Backdash:  Hold Back [Tap Down, Tap Forward]

While holding Back on the lever, drum your thumb and middle finger.  Make sure that there is neutral space between the button taps!   The "negative edge" of releasing the extra directional buttons is what gives you a perfect KBD motion.

The "Tekken Split" layout lets you maximize your movement, while still perfectly covering your attacks on reaction.  Don't forget about Low Parry on reaction with the extra buttons either!  Oh, did I mention electrics?

For now, check out our Tekken Cross|Up content for the default layout on profile switch "I" and imagine how it would feel on this layout!


P1 - Top Tier (Game Remapping)

Set your Cross|Up to profile switch "II" then hold the P1 button while you are plugging in your Cross|Up.

Cover MORE buttons with your thumb!

Move your hand's default position up a row and let your thumb always be readied to react with L1 / L2 / L3.

Remap up to 11 actions in-game and put those convenient 'macro' binds to good

Drive Impact / Parry / Throw
Dash / Faultless Defense


Additional Notes From Dustin:

If you like the idea of having a Drive Impact or Drive Parry or any specific action permanently ready to react, this maximizes it further:  You now have 3 dedicated action binds (L1 / L2 / L3) always ready to press on reaction without moving your hand.

Top Tier:  This layout is not only a top tier for effectiveness, but also it's literally top tier!  By effectively moving your hand up one row, you have sacrificed one pinky button in exchange for three thumb buttons.  This is the ultimate layout for traditional stick play.

P2 - Top Tier Disjointed (True Neutral)

Set your Cross|Up to profile switch "II" then hold the P2 button while you are plugging in your Cross|Up.

Get the best of all worlds.

Move your hand's position to the top row and keep your thumb always ready
to react.

Drive Impact / Drive Parry / Throw etc.

Remap R3 in-game and put those convenient 'macro' binds to good use!
Add L3 and Touchpad to this layout for up to 11 actions!

SOCD True Neutral

Additional Notes From Dustin:

Similar to "Top Tier (Game Remapping)" shown above, by moving your layout up one row of buttons you are losing a top pinky button but gaining three easy-to-access thumb buttons.

This layout combines the "react with your thumb" concept with all of the perks of having a disjointed lever.  And beyond preventing accidental jumps, the disjointed "no up on stick" concept is a real powerhouse when it comes to utilizing SOCD Neutral (Down + Up), as well as aggressive new joystick motions.  This profile has access to both worlds and is my personal pick for SF6.

P3 - Fightcade (Digital-Only Mode)

Set your Cross|Up to profile switch "II" then hold the P3 button while you are plugging in your Cross|Up.

Play retro fighting games with all of the Cross|Up perks!
  • This profile preserves all of the Cross|Up controller tech without all the setup.
  • Only map DPad in-game and let your Cross|Up do the rest!
Legacy Digital-Only Mode: All directions will output as DPad.

Hit Box SOCD
Additional Notes From Dustin:
This is a great convenience tool for playing retro arcade and console games.  Not all classic games / software support Left Stick + DPad inputs.  And it can be difficult to set up and map out your Cross|Up gameplay on different platforms.  Legacy Digital-Only Mode makes your controller plug and play, as the game only receives DPad directions.

P4 - Training Mode Button

Set your Cross|Up to profile switch "II" then hold the P4 button while you are plugging in your Cross|Up.

Hold the 'Training Mode' button and tilt the joystick for training mode commands:

UP: Options
DOWN: Touchpad

Training Reset Positions (Side / Center / Left Side / Right Side, etc): Hold down the Left Stick buttons while you hold the Training Mode button.

Additional Notes From Dustin:
When you are really grinding things out, this is quality of life that counts.
The Training Mode button is a minimally invasive method to easily access your training options without moving.  By exchanging an action button with the Training Mode button you can grind for hours without moving your hand away from the action -- just please remember to stretch and take breaks!

K1 - Platform Fighters (Smash Bros.)

Set your Cross|Up to profile switch "II" then hold the K1 button while you are plugging in your Cross|Up.

Platform Fighters:
  • Smash Bros
  • Rivals of Aether
  • Nickelodeon All Star Brawl
  • Multiversus

Hold down the TILT buttons for different walk speeds and tilt attacks.

LS to DPad and C-Stick modes turn the joystick into different inputs while held.

Additional Notes From Dustin:

Platform fighters like Smash Bros. work great on Cross|Up.  This is the most well-rounded universal profile, and there are several more profiles included when browsing more in the Designer.
quick and simple rundown of the TILT buttons:
TILT:  Fast walk speed / angled tilt attacks on diagonal.
TILT2:  Slow walk speed / Up and Down tilts on diagonal.
There are more uses for these tilt modifiers, but this is everything you need to play Smash.  More detailed information on playing Smash Bros and other platform fighters are in our Cross|Up Index page.

K2 - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Soft Drift)

Set your Cross|Up to profile switch "II" then hold the K2 button while you are plugging in your Cross|Up.

Drift with your thumb and Soft Drift for quick Super Mini Turbo charging.

A = Gas
B = Brake
ZL = Item
ZR = Drift

Left = Soft Drift Left (charges mini turbo)
Right = Soft Drift Right (charges mini turbo)               
Down-Left = Hard Turn Left
Down-Right = Hard Turn Right
Up-Left = Slight Turn Left
Up-Right = Slight Turn Right

Soft Drift:
Left & Right charge Ultra Mini Turbo (not diagonals).
Drift and hold Left or Right for the fastest boost charge!

Menu Navigation: Dislocating the Down button makes it awkward to glide and navigate menus at first, but it is worth the adjustment!

Additional Notes From Dustin:
Playing racing games like Mario Kart on stick is a blast, regardless of skill level.  This profile is great for both casual and hardcore play.  The joystick bind icons in the profile look crazy.  Yes.  But does it make the driving feel more intuitive?  Yes.
Since racing games are focused on Left / Right steering, this profile creates an entirely new steering system:
  • Forward Steering:  Pushing the stick forward while steering gives very fine steering.
  • Neutral Steering:  Keeping the stick level while steering is a nice medium range steering.
  • Pulling Back:  Pulling the stick back while steering gives the maximum hard turn.

In MK8 the medium range "neutral steering" just also happens to perfectly charge your mini turbo boosts with a softer drift around turns. (Which is a big deal!)

There are many other variations of kart profiles in the Designer profile browser.  Feel free to check them out the Kart Racing folder!  Some profiles focus on drifting with your thumb, and the others utilize the thumb button for acceleration instead.

K3 - Super Mario Odyssey

Set your Cross|Up to profile switch "II" then hold the K3 button while you are plugging in your Cross|Up.

Long Jump your way through the many worlds of Mario Odyssey!

B / A = Jump
Y / X = Throw Cap
ZL / ZR = Crouch / Pound

Simple and effective layout, but also designed with technical play in mind.
Instant Roll Canceling and Bumping, as well as easy access to both X/Y
Cappy buttons for Double Vaulting Cap Jumps, etc.

Full detailed description in the Cross|Up Designer.

Additional Notes From Dustin:

Mario can be as casual or as hard core as you want it to be, so this is probably the perfect gateway into playing modern games with a 3D environment.  
The full profile description has more info on how to do parkour movement, but the main takeaway here is that you can play almost any modern game on Cross|Up.  And it feels great!
Check out the "Modern 3D (Open Camera)" subfolder in the Designer profile browser for more games and ideas.  There are a lot of fun games you never realized that you wanted to play on joystick, and also templates to help craft specialized layouts of your own!

K4 - Diablo IV

Set your Cross|Up to profile switch "II" then hold the K4 button while you are plugging in your Cross|Up.

Overall, D4 is a great game with great console support!
Cross|Up makes it feel like an arcade hack 'n slash like Gauntlet. Have fun!

Some highlights:

  • R3 is a large improvement for gamepads and XU.
    • Recommended:Set R3 to sustain after combat as a targeting toggle.
    •  This lets you target mobs off screen!
  • Right Stick (Camera Mode) changes monster aim during R3 targeting.
    • Once target is locked, you can easily strafe and kite any enemy.  Easy turnaround shots, dodging, etc.
  • Camera Mode is set to *not* have an initial delay.  This lets you run and gun faster while choosing your targets.
    • Camera Mode also lets you run long distances without having to hold the stick!

For full details, check out the profile in the Cross|Up Designer.

Additional Notes From Dustin:

I'm so very lucky that I've gotten the opportunity to cross up my two favorite things: fighting games and Diablo!

Diablo games and any isometric aRPGs are a special experience on Cross|Up for those who remember the magic of classic beat 'em ups in the arcade.  Nowadays controller support has become standard in this genre and it continues to improve, so Cross|Up is becoming a natural fit!

For more looter profiles, be sure to check out the "Looter_ARPGs" folder in the Designer profile browser.


Additional resources:

For more information and guides on the Cross|Up Designer, browse through the Cross|Up Designer Index or use select the "Designer" tag at the bottom of this post.