Cross|Up Designer v1.05: The Nunchuck Update



The best fightstick on the market gets better. Here's a long-awaited incremental update with a few quality of life changes and a major introduction: The Nunchuck Port is now enabled!


  • Nunchuck port is now enabled: Plug in a Nintendo Wii nunchuck into the side of your Cross|Up and it will map stick movements to the left analog stick. C and Z on a nunchuck will map as L and ZR respectively in Switch mode (default Grab and Shield in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate).
  • The Touchpad and Share buttons on the back have been swapped: To put your controller into "Training Mode" (AKA Hotkey mode), you hold the 2 buttons closest to the right edge of the Cross|Up instead of performing the sign of the horns to the back of your device. Sorry Satan, it's nothing personal.
  • The Designer now has persistence: When you close the designer, your controller mappings and options will automatically save to your PC. Please note that changes made in the Designer are not saved to your controller until you hit the "Save to Controller" button. This change should make labbing your button layouts a little less tedious.
  • There is also a secret Designer option added in v1.04 that still hasn't been found. I've left it in v1.05 and it will remain there until someone exposes us.

Flashing Procedure

  • You should probably export or at least take screenshots of your layouts and options before upgrading. Upgrading will wipe out any values on the controller and load up the defaults.
  • When you're ready to upgrade, click the green "Upgrade Firmware" button and then "Initialize Defaults" to load the new firmware to your controller.

Yours Truly,


Basics and Troubleshooting info: here.