Cross|Up on Smash?!!

Introducing Switch compatibility via adapter, and Tilt Modifier buttons that allow you to walk and tilt attack and do everything necessary to win at Smash!  You'll also be able to customize your very own button layout!

The Hit Box Cross|Up now works on Smash!

Normally sticks can't play Smash well because the stick itself lacks analog values and range.  This critical aspect is important for accurately controlling your character in the game.  You NEED control to get the full aspect of the game!

We conveniently placed the Tilt Modifier button on the bottom for your thumb to hold.  While you hold it, you walk instead of run!

Normally when the stick is engaged, you go full tilt in the chosen direction and dash/run, but while you're holding the 'TILT' button down, you walk instead of run; it's as if you're barely engaging an analog stick!

So now let's look at an advanced technique using the Tilt Modifier with Banjo!


Thank you for your love and support!  We'll keep rolling out the features. ;)