Update: Hit Box on Pre-Order, Cross|Up Progress

Hit Box on Pre-Order

We've had a much larger influx of orders than expected and have sold out of our stock of Hit Boxes. Luckily, since we already had the production run ordered before the pandemic, we are in a good position to get it ready to ship fairly quickly. Right now our aim is to go live with shipping Hit Boxes by the end of May. We expect things to change due to the world's unpredictability, so if you do make an order from now until we ship, you can cancel and receive a refund for your pre-order - just send us an email with your order number. (In addition, we'll be putting our Hit Box Carrying Case on pre-order as well, but with no expected timeline yet.)

Cross|Up Timeframe

We have started orders for parts toward Cross|Up production. This means we're closer than we have ever been to launch but are limited by an unpredictable supply chain so we can't yet determine an exact timeframe. Expect Cross|Up updates soon on our Kickstarter page, and our Twitter and Discord.


We want to thank everyone who has supported us through these interesting times, and for your patience with the Cross|Up launch.

Stay safe out there.

- Team Hit Box