Magnetro on Hit Box - MvC2

Magnetro has been busy in the lab, and he's created some Marvel vs. Capcom 2 videos showcasing new techniques and what he can do on Hit Box!

The above clip is from a tutorial guide that he has written as a companion guide for his new tech video.  Check out his Magneto Tech Guide here.

Here's the full video:

For the full guide breakdown visit:

Magnetro covers new techniques like Magneto's true instant overhead, as well as mashing out of Hyper-Grav (see below), and blocking Sentinel's unblockable laser!

Hyper-Grav Mash Out

Previously, Magnetro put together a guide on mashing out of Magneto's Hyper-Grav using the Hit Box, which is an essential survival tool in escaping death combos.  By adding a SOCD (Left + Right) input to his button mash, Magnetro found he can get more inputs required to escape!

This technique is also discussed in the Magneto Tech Guide linked above.

Dhalsim Intermediate

Magnetro has also recreated and remastered one of the videos that quite literally helped inspire the creation of the Hit Box!  We're excited to see this video faithfully remade -- and with a Hit Box!!!  We hope it inspires you the way it inspired us!

On a personal note, I (HB Dustin) almost quit fighters after my first EVO in 2007 when I saw a room full of Cable/Commando players and basically zero team diversity.  I now appreciate the beauty of the MvC top-tier metagame, but back when I was fresh to the scene it was devastating (I entered with team Shoto, TOTALLY clueless).

Seeing Magnetro's Dhalsim series gave me hope that the puzzle wasn't already solved, and that there was room for creative freedom at the highest level.  Creativity and freedom was what brought me to Marvel in the first place, and Magnetro's videos helped me see that I was only at the beginning of my journey in fighters and that anyone with the right mind and work ethic could potentially blow the metagame wide open.

If these videos don't get you booting your Dreamcast back up, what will?  I know I'm jumping in the lab.  Right.  Now!

Happy Training,


Magnetro has been a major contributor to the MvC2 community for decades.  With the use of hand, tool-assisted, video techniques, and collaboration, his level of dedication to Marvel has expanded the realm of what is possible in the game by factors of imagination.  If you would like to follow Magnetro and view more of his content, check out his YouTube and Twitch channels: &