Profile Update for Rivals of Aether on Smash Box

Last week, Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition was released on Switch and Steam. If you're using a Smash Box on the Switch version, you will probably notice that our Default profile for the game was not working according to our design. This is most likely due to the native GameCube controller support that the Switch version has, leading to any GameCube controller - including the Smash Box, to be read by the game differently than it would on Steam.

Luckily, we were able to make some adjustments to the profile that will make it work the same on both Steam and Switch. Here's a download to the new Default profile for Rivals of Aether:

Default Profile - RoA - Adapter (Switch Update)

This specific profile now replaces the outdated default we had in the 4.04a, which you can download here: Smash Box Downloads. Also be sure to check out our Rivals of Aether Profile Overview and Getting Started blog.

May your inputs be blessed,