Welcome Docta Afrikan!

We are happy to announce that Brian "Docta Afrikan" Mbipeh will be joining our team in the Partnerships Manager role here at HQ in Las Vegas!

Docta Afrikan is a well-known M. Bison player in Street Fighter V, and has taken sets off of great players such as Fuudo.



He is also the founder of E.X. Dojo, an organization focused on training and talent development in the fighting game community.



In addition, he has a keen eye for content creation and is known to post bangers from time to time.



We are extremely excited to have Brian joining our team, and look forward to doing some awesome things with him here!

Be sure to follow him on social media:


@doctaafrikan The Crossup is cheap @hitboxarcade #fgc #fightinggamescommunity #gaming #fightinggames #fgctiktok #fgctok #kazuya #smashbros #tekken7 #smash ♬ original sound - Docta