SSBM - Default Melee Profile


Designed with the Smash World Tour ruleset in mind, this profile provides tons of capabilities for Melee. Below are brief descriptions on the main aspects of the profile.

Wavedash Angles

Modifiers help control your wave dash distance!

We provide access to 5 main wavedash angles. The most useful are going to be our longest wavedashes (with the Y1 and Y2 Modifiers), as they're really good at closing or creating space, but the shorter ones are great for specific positioning and anything close to the ledge. For more in depth info on wavedashing, check out our post: SSBM - Wave Dash Angles.

Recovery Angles

Demonstrating how smooth your recovery angles get with the improved MODE button!

The video and image cover 48 of our recovery angles. You'll only need two modifiers to get all of these angles, but if you only want to use one modifier you can get 32 angles - which is very useful already.

Our modifiers have been revamped to give a total of 72 angles, so expect an overview of how to get all of our recovery angles soon.

Shield Drop

Our Shield Drop works very similar to how most players do so on a GameCube controller. We've 'notched' our controller so when you hit the downward ordinals, you will get the shield drop. The best advice for this is to do it out of a run, when you're shield is in stun, or using a Tilt modifier, to best prevent rolling or spot-dodging in shield.


We have two main multi-tilts accessible on our profile. These are the main ways players will walk and do tilt attacks. But there's a little more to them than that.

As you can see, each multi-tilt has access to angled f-tilts, shield tilting in all directions, and act as core recovery angles. But what's most neat is that each deals with specials a bit differently too.

And don't worry, you can still get turn-around up and down tilts, they just now require the buffer and release of the turn or an SOCD input once the turn starts (seen below).

C-Stick Ordinals

Just like how we have access to angled f-tilts, we wanted players to be able to access angled f-smashes through the C-stick. By hitting a C-Stick ordinal at the same time, you will get an angled f-smash. Pretty neat!

(In the air these ordinals give you Fair and Bair)

Learn to master this profile with our Melee guide: Getting Started with Melee!

If you have any more questions, please check out our "How To" blogs as well as the #melee channel in our Discord - all linked below.

Official change-log: Melee (Default).

May your inputs be blessed,