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Designed with the Smash World Tour ruleset in mind, this profile provides many intricacies for Ultimate. Below are brief descriptions on the main aspects of the profile.

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Recovery Angles

Recovery angles in action!
We've revamped the way we do angles, so now there are 48 total recovery angles you can access with our new profile. Below is an image showing you how a quadrant looks with our recovery angles. Check out our full post on recoveries here.


One of the most interesting and aspects of Ultimate is walking. This is because there are so many different types of walks in the game - there's so much you can do with them! For more info, check out our post "Different Walks on Smash Box in SSBU."


We have two main multi-tilts accessible on our profile. These are the main ways players will walk and do tilt attacks. But there's a little more to them than that.
Here's Tilt 1 and Tilt 2 in action, showcasing Angled F-Tilts and Turnaround Up/Down-Tilts on ordinal presses.

C-Stick Ordinals

We've designed this profile to access difficult to hit angles on C-Stick for those who rely on Tilt Stick. This is incredibly important due to how Ultimate reads C-Stick inputs, which makes it futile to notch a GameCube controller to get these angles for turn-around up and down tilts (check out Rishi's video "The Intricacies of a 10-Hit Combo"). 


In addition to turn-around up and down tilts, these ordinal inputs also give you:

  • Up/Down Aerial
  • Angled Fair/Bair (with Belmonts)
  • Angled F-Smash (with Smash-Stick)

Note: We highly recommend using Tilt 2 for turn-around up/down-tilts since it doesn't require pressing two buttons at the same exact time and is easier to buffer.

Learn to master this profile with our SSBU guide: Getting Started with Smash Bros. Ultimate!

If you have any more questions, please check out our "How To" blogs as well as the #smash-ultimate channel in our Discord - all linked below.

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