Smash Box Nunchuk Guide

 There's two ways to get your Smash Box to work with a Nunchuck.

Plug and Play

1. Press and hold the left-most red button on your Smash Box as you plug it into your console or PC.
2. This should activate Nunchuk mode.
3. Now you can plug in your Nunchuk on the side and use it!

Nunchuk Active as Default

1. Plug your Smash Box into your computer via USB.
2. Open up the Designer Software and go to the Options tab. (Download software here)
3. Load Values from Smash Box, to ensure you don't lose your settings and layouts.
4. Highlight and select "Map to Analog Control Stick" in the Nunchuk Options module.
5. Save All Changes to Smash Box.

Note: You can also use the Nunchuk to control the C-Stick as well.

If you are having issues with designer, please try our troubleshooting blog: Smash Box Designer Help.