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Smash Box on PC

The Smash Box is an incredible alternative to a keyboard or fight stick on PC. Not only can it be used for a variety of genres like platformers and unique games like Rocket League, but the Smash Box is a fantastic controller for fighting games. This post will act as a...

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SOCD Resolutions on Smash Box

The Smash Box has access to what is called SOCD, or Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions. Simply put, you can press Left and Right at the same time. In this post, we will overview the many ways Smash Box deals with SOCDs. For more info on SOCDs and SOCD Resolutions, check out...

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Loading and Saving on Smash Box

This will be an overview on how to Load and Save information to and from your Smash Box through the Designer Software, so you can put your profile editing and button remapping to the test. Before you continue, be sure you have the Smash Box Designer Software: Downloads Page Basic Directions Open the Smash...

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