SSBM - Fox Laser Game


Got short hopping down?  Let us add guns!

Short Hop Single Laser and Short Hop Double Laser are an important part of Fox's game plan.  If you practice and learn the techniques in this guide, you can be the most annoying lil space animal that ever did run and pew pew!

We will be demonstrating using this awesome layout!  For more information on how to make your own custom button layout, click here!

SHSL - Short Hop Single Laser

[Short Hop (X), Laser (B), Fast Fall (Down)]

Easy to get started; hard to master.  To get that nice and low laser beam, it is a very specific timing.  Too fast and the laser never comes out, and too slow and your opponent can duck it.  Finding the right rhythm is tricky business!

TIP: To better learn this timing, be sure to click the speaker icon on these videos and turn up your volume!  You can listen to the sound of how I am hitting one button after the other.  You will notice that sound is constant throughout this entire guide.

SHDL - Short Hop Double Laser

[Short Hop (X), Laser (B), Laser (B)]

I actually find this technique easier because it has a more familiar timing.  If you know Fox's squat jump timing, this will feel very similar to wave dashing or multishining!

The part that makes it tricky is, unlike WD or JC Shine, you have to be quick on the jump button to ensure the short hop.  If you watch my fingers you will notice a few tricks I am using:

Short Hop - You will notice I am almost slicing the button with my Ring Finger.  The Sanwa buttons in your Smash Box are very sensitive, and do not require you to press them all the way down.  I tend to short hop through the button, not hammer down and up!

Laser - You will also notice that I am using my Index Finger to press the B button!  For a quick SHDL I always bump my Index over to help out.  (Same with Multi Shine)

SHDL - Walking

[Hold Modifier (X1) [Short Hop (X), Laser (B), Laser (B)]

If you simply add the X1 Modifier with your left thumb, you can essentially walk forward while you SHDL or SHSL.  X1 Modifier changes your Analog Left and Right from a Dash or Run into a Slow Walk.  This walk is so slow that it does not give you a side B!

This is kind of a gateway tech skill, as it opens up our next techniques, the turnaround runaway SHSL / SHDL.

Tip:  Make sure your Smash Box is in Tilt Mode!  Flick the top left side switch to Circle "O" position to make sure your X1 tilt is enabled!  (Line position makes your left thumb act as a D-pad.  Circle position makes your left thumb buttons act as additional Tilt Modifiers, which we need here.)

SHSL - Runaway

[Dash (Back) ->Short Hop (X), Modifier (X1) -> Analog (Back) -> Laser (B)]

Now we are lasering!  This is where we combine everything we have learned so far!

Dash into Short Hop:  The trick to getting full distance is to hold Back though the entire squat jump so that you get full aerial drift once you are off the ground.  If you let off too soon, you will lose a lot of distance! 

X1 Modifier into Back into B: The X1 Modifier -> Back -> B gives us the turnaround laser without having to flick!  We technically could hit all of these buttons at the same time, but it is best to quickly hit them in order -- this way we minimize our chances of accidentally getting a Side B to our deaths!  

SHDL - Runaway

[Dash (Back) -> Short Hop (X), Modifier (X1) -> Analog (Back) -> Laser (B), Laser (B)]

This is the hardest one!  If you can master this, you are officially the lamest Fox on the planet!  Get ready to aggravate some people into playing reckless!

You do not have much time at all to go from Holding Back to get the maximum aerial drift, and switch directions into the X1 Laser.  The easiest way to learn is to not be so deliberate about getting that full runaway distance.

Essentially this technique is more about mastering all the techniques before it.  If you are having trouble, just keep mastering the Runaway Single Laser!  And if there is trouble with that one, practice the techniques before it.  Luckily they all build off each other, so let us practice smart!

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