SSBM - Run Cancels with SOCD

Run Cancels What?!  In Melee you can cancel a Run by Crouching.  Not only is this much faster than skidding to a halt, but it lets us cancel into attacks (among other things).  This naturally is really great on Smash Box since your Analog Stick is all buttons... but it still takes time to let go of a button and press another.

There is an easier shortcut that helps really speed up your Run Cancel and clean up your inputs!  By utilizing SOCDs, we're going to simplify things and help you learn all the great techniques out of a Run Cancel!

For more on SOCD Neutral, check out: SOCD Neutral in Melee.

Dashing  into and out of Crouch using SOCDs!

Left + Right = Neutral

This is called an SOCD:  Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions.  Any time you're crossing L + R or Down + Up, you're getting a situation that requires your controller to resolve the confusion.  We're using this priority system to our advantage!

So... if Left + Right = Neutral, then what happens if I go Left + Right + Down???

Left + Down + Right = Down

L +R are cancelled out, so only the Down remains!  That means we can Crouch Dash by doing the following:

SOCD Crouch Dash:
Crouch (hold L + D + R)
Dash (release L + D or D + R)

I think of it as 'letting go of a diagonal,' which naturally leaves me holding a Dash with the remaining input.  By releasing L + D (or D + R) it is immediately switching from SOCD Down to a Dash!

SOCD Run Cancel:
Run (hold Forward)
Cancel (add Down + Back)

We end up holding down all three Analog buttons in this technique, but it lets you change from a Run into a Crouch in one frame!  That means all of your Run Cancel mixups are not only easier, but faster too!

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, I'll be using the following button layout:

We'll be using the A button and the two Modifiers TILT and TILT2 to Run Cancel into attacks.  For more information on how to make your own custom button layout, click here!

Run Cancel into Jab

Run (hold Forward)
Cancel Into Crouch (tap Down + Back)

Jab (release all directions -> press A)

Out of a Run we are simply tapping Down-Back and releasing to neutral.  This lets us pop out a Jab without even telegraphing the crouch.  It's that fast!

    Run Cancel Forward Tilt

    Run (hold Forward)
    Cancel (tap Down + Back)

    Forward Tilt (release Down-Back, but continue to hold Forward -> press A)

    This is almost identical to the Jab technique, only this time we're continuing to hold Forward.

    Run Cancel Down Tilt

    Run (hold Foward)
    Cancel (hold Down + Back + Forward)

    Down Tilt (TILT + A)

    I'm using the Cardinal Tilt modifier (default TILT 2) on my right Thumb.  By adding this modifier it guarantees that I won't accidentally get a Down Smash.  This is super important because I can begin my Down Tilt immediately after I cancel my Run!

    Without the Tilt Modifier you'll have to wait a few frames to avoid the Smash Attack.

    Run Cancel Up Tilt

    Run (hold Forward)
    Cancel (tap Down + Back)

    Up Tilt (still holding Forward, change directions to TILT + Up-Forward -> A)

    This one is a little bit slower because we need to switch from Down to Up-Forward.  The quicker your fingers the better.  :)

    Once again we're holding down the TILT Modifier to make sure that the Up-Forward input gives us an Up Tilt!

    Here's Exactly How my Tilts are set up:

    TILT is set up as a Cardinal Tilt, meaning that whenever I am holding a diagonal analog direction (Up-Forward / Down-Back) I will get an Up or Down Tilt in whatever direction I holding.  This is great!!!

    TILT2 is set up as an Ordinal Tilt, meaning that -- similarly -- whenever I am holding a diagonal analog direction (UF / UB / DF / DB) I will get an Angled Tilt Attack in the direction I am holding.  If my character does not have an Angled Tilt Attack, I'll get a Forward or Back Tilt.

    On the defualt SSBM profile, TILT and TILT2 are actually switched around!  And this Cardinal Tilt is set up with different values to prevent me from accidentally Jumping out of a Run when I switch directions to Up-Forward.  I recommend using the tilt settings above!

    Run into Turnaround Up Tilt

    Run (hold Forward) 
    Cancel (tap Down + Back) 
    Wait (get ready)

    Turnaround Up Tilt (press TILT + Up-Back -> A)

    We have to wait until the slide ends before we can attack, but at least it's on the menu.  One more trick into your mix up game!

    Run Cancel Angled Down-Forward Tilt

    Run (hold Forward) 
    Cancel (tap Down + Back) 
    Angled Down-Forward Tilt (release Back and continue to hold Down + Forward -> press TILT2 + A) 

    This time we're using the Ordinal Tilt Modifier on our Pinky (default Tilt 1).  This Tilt Modifier allows us to get our Angled Tilt Attacks.

    Ordinal Tilt means that when you're holding a diagonal direction (Down-Forward), an Angled Tilt attack will come out if the character has one.  This is a split from the Cardinal Tilt we have been using earlier on our Right Thumb where we were getting Up and Down Tilt Attacks instead!

    Run Cancel Angled Up-Forward Tilt

    Run (hold Forward) 
    Cancel (tap Down + Back) 
    Angled Down-Forward Tilt (still holding Forward, move to Up + Forward -> TILT2 + A) 

    Same thing again as Run Cancel Up Tilt above, only we'ere switching to the Ordinal Tilt Modifier on my Right Pinky.  (See Run Cancel Angled Down-Forward Tilt above for more info.)

    It's always best to press the Tilt Modifier first when striking an angle, that way you won't accidentally jump!  If you literally try to press Up + Forward + TILT2 + A at the exact same time you might miss!  You safest bet is to do one input after the other and speed up from there:  Holding Forward, press TILT2 then Up then A.

    Cactuar Dash

    Cactuar Dash (SOCD):
    Run (hold Forward) 
    Cancel (tap Down + Back)

    Cactuar Dash (release to Neutral and quickly Forward Dash -> Back Dash)

    There are a lot of inputs going on here in a very quick motion!

    After we Run Cancel we let go of the Analog buttons and do a quick Forward Dash into a Back Dash.  The game will not allow you to Back Dash right away from your crouch until the slide ends, so we need to perform a quick Dash Dance!

    It is also very practical to Cactuar Dash without SOCDs since it's such a rapid input:

    Cactuar Dash (without SOCDs):
    Run (hold Forward)
    Cancel (release Forward and tap Down)

    Cactuar Dash (release Down and quickly Forward Dash -> Back Dash)


    I personally prefer the SOCD method since I use it with everything else, but both ways work great!  Without SOCDs it's much more of a piano motion.

    WHEW!  That was a lot of running right there...  I'm out of shape!

    Happy Training!

    -Hit Box Dustin