SSBM - Samus Platform Missiles

We got missiles.  We got a whole lot of missiles.  Smash Box allows us to make advanced techniques like Platform Missiles more practical and consistent than ever before!  We are going to break down platform techniques you can do with Samus step by step, so that you have the tools to suit up and let's explode the meta!

Disclaimer:  This is an advanced level post that will require practice and dedication.  Smash Box makes it possible for extremely difficult techniques like this to become viable and practical for any dedicated player.  Let's blast away!

We'll be demonstrating using the default button layout!  For more information on how to make your own custom button layout, click here!!

    Platform Missile Drop - Hard Missile

    from platform
    Down (platform drop)

    Down + Forward + Y2 Tilt + B (missile) 

    This method using Y2 Tilt lets us get a missile drop on extremely low platforms.  Down-Forward usually gives us a Down-B Special (bomb), but by adding the tilt modifier we get a Side-B instead.

    It takes a few frames of pressing Down to begin dropping through a platform, and once you drop you continue holding Down and add Forward + Y2 to hit the missile angle. 

    Tip:  You can can delay pressing B slightly to make the timing easier and most consistent.  Down into Down + Forward + Y2 Tilt into B.  Treating this technique as three steps will increase your consistency as you learn.

    This technique is the fundamental building block we'll be referencing and building from!

    Platform Missile Drop - Fast Fall

    from platform
    Down (platform drop)
    Down (fast fall)

    Down + Forward + Y2 Tilt + Special (missile)

    This is exactly like Platform Drop Missile, only we're adding an extra Down input; that lets us fast fall into a low missile from high platforms.

    Tip: on Smash Box your inputs can be so quick and clean that you are on-and-off the Down button too fast to drop through the platform!  It takes a few frames to begin dropping through a platform so you can be a little more heavy-handed if you're noticing this.

    After the initial platform drop, there is no hesitation between the fast fall input and finishing the missile input: we can input Down into Down + Forward + Y2 Tilt one frame apart to missile immediately after our fast fall begins!

    Platform Missile Land

    beneath platform
    X Forward + X2 Tilt (short hop and buffer forward)

    Forward + X2 Tilt + B (missile after jumpsquat) 

    The goal here is to get a soft missile tilt buffered into your jump with the least amount of drift possible.  The X2 Tilt modifier is the perfect tool to be far enough tilted for a Side-B, while not being tilted far enough to trigger a run or long jump.

    It is notated to press Jump and Forward and X2 Tilt at the same time, but it is flexible.  As long as you are the holding X2 Tilt modifier before your squatjump ends, you will get a soft missile. 

    Platform Missile Land from Dash

    on platform
    Back (Dash backwards)
    X Forward + X2 Tilt (short hop buffering forward)

    Forward + X2 Tilt + B (missile after jumpsquat) 

    Retreating to a platform missile from a dash dance or recycling zoning patterns is an important tool.  It's essentially the same as before (just adding a backdash), however it is a good situation to explore your inputs.  Once again it does not require literally pressing Forward + X2 Tilt simultaneously; experiment with holding X2 early and see how it feels.  This will help teach you how to transition any movement into a platform missile landing.

    Platform Missile Spam - Hard Missile

    beneath platform
    X Forward + X2 Tilt (short hop and buffer forward)

    Forward + X2 Tilt + B (missile after jumpsquat) 

    on platform
    Down (platform drop)
    Down (fast fall)

    Down + Forward + Y2 Tilt + Special (missile)

    repeat (dash back at end of platform)

    Now we're putting it all together and alternating between platform landing and platform dropping!  Practice makes perfect -- you will have to master both techniques individually before attempting to juggle them together in a pattern.

    Platform Missile Drop - Soft Missile

    on platform
    Forward + X2 (walk)
    Forward + X2 + Down (platform drop)

    Forward + X2 + B (missile after drop)

    To get a soft missile from a platform, we have to already be buffering a walk before we drop down.  X2 Tilt gives us the walk, and is still tilted far enough for our Side-B missile.

    Notice we are holding Forward + X2 throughout the whole motion.  We are simply holding the walk and tapping Down to drop, then pressing B once we are through the platform.

    Platform Missile Spam - Soft Missiles

    on platform
    Forward + X2 (walk a small amount)
    Forward + X2 + Down (tap Down to platform drop)

    Forward + X2 + B (missile after drop)

    beneath platform
    Forward + X2 + X (begin Short Hop)

    Forward + X2 + B (missile after jumpsquat)

    We are holding Forward + X2 throughout the entire pattern -- at least until we run out of platform space!  It requires very precise timing to make the most use of your platform space, but with dedication this is the most straightforward and consistent way to run and gun!

    Happy Training!
    -Hit Box Dustin