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Smash Box Compatibility

The Smash Box is compatible with many systems, adapters, and peripherals. GameCube and Wii Native: plug directly into the console. Nintendo Switch and WiiU Through compatible adapters: Lossless adapter Recommended adapter for Smash Box due to functionality and options. Nintendo adapter Best availability, overall a good adapter. Mayflash (4-port) adapter...

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Smash Box Info Page

Join The Revolution Precise control. Built to be accessible and easier on the hands. Legal at all major events, including EVO. The Smash Box is here to change how we play. Tilt Attacks With all buttons, how do you do tilt attacks? Our solution is “Tilt Modifiers.” These buttons do...

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Smash Box Layouts

With the release of the Smash Box Experience and Designer Software 4.04, we have updated and created profiles and layouts to help players get the most out of the Smash Box, as well as provide ideas for their own customization.   This is an overview of the main layouts included with...

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