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SSBU on Smash Box - Getting Started

The Smash Box is the best alternative to any common Smash Bros. controller or fight stick for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In order to help you take advantage of the precision of this arcade controller, we have compiled this post to go over the basics of the Smash Box and...

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SSBU - Tilt Neutral B

Using our Tilt buttons, you can be holding left or right and still get a neutral B. This allows for precise control of your turn around B in the air (no more accidental side-Bs!), as well as perfect positioning with your grounded B. Both X1 and Tilt 2 are capable of this,...

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SSBU - Recovery Angles

Dustin going over the main modifiers for recoveries. In modifier mode, you have access to four analog modifiers with what where the Dpad buttons. We use these modifiers to directly affect the X and Y-Axis. With X1 we get the strongest modification of the X-Axis, giving us a slow walk,...

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SSBU - C-Stick Fast Fall

When you hold down on the control stick while in the air, and press left, up, or right on the C-stick after the peak of your jump, you will get a fast-fall. This is great to get those aerials to come out right before you hit the ground.  

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SSBU - Double Up-B - Pika & Pichu

  Hit the perfect angle for the Pikachu and Pichu double up-B every time by using our designer software. Be sure to Load Values from your Smash Box, as to not lose your settings and layouts. Next, choose the profile you want to edit for double up-Bs.The default Ultimate layout...

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