SSBU - Double Up-B - Pika & Pichu


Hit the perfect angle for the Pikachu and Pichu double up-B every time by using our designer software.

Be sure to Load Values from your Smash Box, as to not lose your settings and layouts.
Next, choose the profile you want to edit for double up-Bs.
The default Ultimate layout is Profile 1, so we're going to edit that here.
In order to get that second, straight up zip, there has to be a precise left or right input. That value happens to be "41" on the Smash Box. Because that value is so close to the default value for our Tilt button, we're going to edit "Tilt X" to 41. (Tilt X, Tilt Y, and Tilt Y Down are all elements of the button on the Smash Box called "Tilt" or "Tilt 1")
This is what the box should look like when you've made an edit to it. Here, we're setting it to 41.
Now, just Save All Changes to Smash Box, and you're good to go!

You should get a confirmation that the changes have been saved. Now you can unplug your Smash Box from the computer and get to recovering with Pikachu and Pichu!

If you need more information or help with troubleshooting, check out our Info Page and Discord channel, both linked below.

May your inputs be blessed.

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