MODE Modifier on Smash Box

Smash Box has many modifiers in its toolkit, and probably the most unique modifier is MODE. You can think of MODE as utility modifier that can do many things.

  • Provides alternate values for every Tilt Modifier.
  • Acts as a Light Shield Toggle when activated with L and/or R.
  • Rotate the C-Stick to make diagonals more accessible.
  • General purpose modifier for both Analog and C-Stick.

And since we're now including MODE in our default layouts, we thought this was a great time to provide an overview of its uses.


The most important thing to know is that there actually different versions of MODE within the Smash Box Designer. Here we'll go over each and what they do.

MODE (Legacy): The original version of MODE. Gives you alternate values for both Tilt Modifiers as well as Analog and C-Stick default values.

MODE + LST (Mode + Light Shield Toggle): Introduced with the default layouts for Smash Box Designer 4.04, this does everything MODE does but then allows you to get light press with both L and R.

MODE + CSR (Mode + C-Stick Rotate): A new MODE that adds a 45 degree clockwise rotation to the C-Stick, so the cardinal directional buttons now output diagonals, to the original MODE functions.

MODE + CSR + LST (Mode + C-Stick Rotate + Light Shield Toggle): A new MODE that adds the ability to light press L/R and rotate the C-Stick along with original MODE functions.

Main Uses

Extra Recoveries

Since MODE doubles the amount of values our modifiers have, one of the main uses we have for MODE in our Default layouts is to give us more recovery options for characters that use specific angles for their recovery in Melee and Ultimate (Fox, Zelda, Pikachu, etc). 



Light Shield Toggle

Gives you access to a light press of L or R - giving you a Light Shield in Melee, for example. This works in the same was as Lightshield Toggle/Shield Mod does just with the added benefit of having original MODE functionality.

C-Stick Rotation

Some characters in Smash get good use out of diagonal C-Stick inputs. Using this version of MODE will allow you to get the diagonals without having to press two C-Stick buttons at once.

General Use Modifier

Since it also Modifies Analog and C-Stick values, you can make it act as a Tilt Modifier for either Analog or C-Stick. For example:

  • On the Homerow profile for Melee, Ultimate, and Rivals, MODE acts just like how Tilt 1 does.
  • On the Ultimate profiles, it'll switch C-Stick ordinal inputs from Turn-Around Up/Down Tilts to Angled F-Tilts.

For more information on modifiers: Modifiers on Smash Box.