Smash Box - Information, How To, and Features — Modifiers

Tilt Modifiers on Smash Box

Tilt Modifiers are what makes Smash Box superior than other controllers. They allow for slight analog inputs that traditional arcade sticks and keyboards cannot do. They also provide incredibly consistent accuracy for analog inputs that pads and GameCube controllers have difficulty doing.When you hold Tilt Modifiers down, they do nothing on...

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Modifiers on Smash Box

One of the more unique aspects of the Smash Box are its use of a special type of input binds called Modifiers. When activated these Modifiers don't do anything on their own, but will only modify specific types of analog-based inputs. This allows the Smash Box to have slightly tilted control stick inputs,...

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MODE Modifier on Smash Box

Smash Box has many modifiers in its toolkit, and probably the most unique modifier is MODE. You can think of MODE as utility modifier that can do many things. Provides alternate values for every Tilt Modifier. Acts as a Light Shield Toggle when activated with L and/or R. Rotate the C-Stick to...

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