Modifiers on Smash Box

One of the more unique aspects of the Smash Box are its use of a special type of input binds called Modifiers. When activated these Modifiers don't do anything on their own, but will only modify specific types of analog-based inputs. This allows the Smash Box to have slightly tilted control stick inputs, light presses of L and R, and access to much more than the typical 8 angles digital controllers are limited to. Let's go over these various Modifiers.

Tilt Modifiers

The most important modifiers of them all. These binds allow for walking, tilt attacks, and additional recovery angles. Find out more on what these modifiers do: Tilt Modifiers on Smash Box.

X1 | X2 | X3: These only modify the X-Axis of the control stick. Since they only affect one axis, we call them Linear Tilts.

Y1 | Y2 | Y3: These only modify the Y-Axis of the control stick. Since they only affect one axis, we call them Linear Tilts.

Tilt 1 | Tilt 2 | Tilt 3: These modify both the X- and Y-Axes. Since they modify both axes, we call them Multi-Tilts. (We also call them Square Tilts, as they create a shape of a square or rectangle for the analog movement.)

Light Shield Modifiers

These modifiers give you lighter presses for L and R.

Lightshield Toggle (Shield Mod): When you hold this down, and then press L or R, you'll get a light press of L or R.

Light L and Light R : When you press this, it activates either L or R as a light press instead of the typical full, digital press. (Originally was one bind called "1 Button Lightshield")

Additional Modifiers

C-Stick Ordinal Toggle: When held, rotates the C-Stick so that a Cardinal press becomes an Ordinal press.

MODE: A utility modifier. Provides alternate values for all Tilt Modifiers, acts as a Lightshield Toggle, and can be used as a general purpose modifier for both the Analog and C-Stick. Find our more: What is MODE?