Camera Button on Cross|Up

The Camera Button, along with LS->DPAD and brand new tilt modifiers, allows Cross|Up users do what no other stick users can do: play 3D games. Here we'll overview the basics of Camera Button and how to get the most out of it through the Cross|Up's Designer Software: Download here.


The Camera Button translates inputs you do with the Left Stick to the Right Stick. Hold left on LS then press Camera Button and you'll get a left input with RS.

It'll translate these input regardless of what method you're activating them through: stick, buttons, or nunchuk. In addition, it continues to apply any tilt modifiers you have activated, to help maintain full control.

The Camera Button is at the bottom of our Breath of the Wild profile.


To ensure the best experience possible with Camera Button, there's “Camera Button Options” included in the controller options menu (alongside SOCD and Priority options). These will help cater your control to your specific needs.

  • Invert Up and Down / Invert Left and Right:  Inverts the Y-axis / X-axis of the Right Stick relative to your input.
  • Seize Directions:  Maintains the Left Stick input you were holding when you press the Camera Button - this direction is held as long as the Camera Button is held. (This helps with maintaining movement while aiming.)
  • Initial Delay:  Slightly delays the activation of the Right Stick. (This helps with aiming actions in games, as to not force an unwanted direction right as you start aiming.)

 Here's the Camera Button in action.

Be sure to download the Cross|Up Designer Software to test out the Camera Button along with Button Remapping and our pre-saved profiles: Downloads page.

May your inputs be blessed,