Left Stick-to-Dpad on Cross|Up

LS->DPAD, along with Camera Button and brand new tilt modifiers, allows Cross|Up users do what no other stick users can do: play 3D games. Here we'll overview the LS->Dpad bind.

Cross|Up's Designer Software: Download here.


Hold "LS->DPAD" and turn your joystick quickly from Left Analog into the Dpad. This button is great for switching weapons, checking the map, calling your mount, and much more!

Here's LS->DPAD in action.

This button addresses the inconvenience of having to map dedicated Dpad buttons for functions that require you to release the left analog stick to make selections on the Dpad.

LS->DPAD on our Breath of the Wild profile (top right). 

Be sure to download the Cross|Up Designer Software to test out LS->DPAD along with Button Remapping and our pre-saved profiles: Downloads page.

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