Tilt Modifiers on Cross|Up

With a controller like the Cross|Up, how do you get slight analog movement with only digital inputs? Our solution, just like on the Smash Box, are button binds that we call Tilt Modifiers. These binds don't do anything by themselves, but when these binds are activated with a directional input from the left or right stick it results in a slight direction as if you were only partially tilting a control stick.

These Tilt Modifiers help get the most out of Smash Bros. Ultimate and, along with the Camera Button and LS->DPADallows Cross|Up users do what no other stick users can do: play 3D games.

Smash Tilts

Due to the nature of Smash Ultimate, you need specific analog values to be able to tilt attack and walk. These Tilt Modifiers are designed with that in mind.

  • Angled FTilt [Tilt 1]
    • Angled Forward Tilt with an Ordinal input
    • Neutral Special in all directions
    • Walk (cancels Run into Walk)
  • Turnaround Utilt [Tilt 2]
    • Turn-Around Up and Down Tilts with Ordinal inputs
    • Up and Down Special; Neutral Special with Left and Right
    • Walk (cancels Run into Walk)

Radial Tilts

With 3D games, you'll need fine movement in specific situations that the Smash Tilts can't provide. We have added 3 new tilt buttons to help you with moving and aiming.

  • Turn:  This is a modifier that will turn you around or give you a very slow walking speed in most games. It can also be used for situations that require very fine aim. (We were able to easily line up head shots in Apex Legends at 75m+ with this modifier.)
  • Walk:  Exactly as it sounds like. This modifier gives you a moderate walk speed in most games. When used in games where you aim down sights, this modifier usually gives you a slow pan.
  • Aim:  Slightly more tilted than 'Walk', this is the ideal button to smooth out your crosshairs to zero in on your pray.

Dustin showing the use of Walk tilt in Breath of the Wild.

Be sure to download the Cross|Up Designer Software to test out Tilt Modifiers along with Button Remapping and our pre-saved profiles: Downloads page.

May your inputs be blessed,