Default Profiles on Cross|Up

The three main Cross|Up profiles are designed for tournament play. Each provides a unique perspective on how to play fighting games, so test out each of them to see what best works with your playstyle, character, or game.

Access these main profiles with the three-way profile switch on the side of the Cross|Up. Each position on the switch corresponds with a specific profile.

Use these profiles for tournament play, from grassroots to world circuits to major events.


Profile 1 - Default (Hit Box SOCD)

 Access Profile 1 by putting the toggle switch in the “I” or front position.

Main Aspects:

  • Standard button layout, with the Cross|Up movement buttons
  • Classic Hit Box style SOCDs

This profile is legal for all major grassroots and developer-ran FGC events (with the exception of CPT 2023).

    Profile 2 - Drive Profile

    Profile 2 to can be accessed by putting the toggle switch to the “O” or middle position.

    Main aspects:
    • Extra Cross|Up buttons are used for additional in-game functions.
    • True Neutral SOCD

    This profile is legal for all major grassroots and developer-ran FGC events (including CPT 2023).


    Profile 3 - Disjointed Lever

     Profile 3 is accessed by putting the toggle switch to the “II” or back position. 


    The Disjointed Lever profile removes the 'Up' direction from the lever and remaps it to your right thumb. This profile gives you not only a fun new way to play, but it prevents accidentally jumping and is loaded with extra perks for hardcore tournament players!



    • No Mistakes: You can't flub your stick motions and accidentally jump (followed by rage quitting).

    • Spin to Win: Rolling the lever in full circles gives easy alternate motions for more difficult moves like QCFx2 supers, Sonic Hurricane, HCB F, and more!

    • SOCD Tech: Down + Up = Neutral, which gives extremely powerful new SOCD techniques, such as Instant QCF, Instant DP, Perfect Booms, and more.

    • Extra Buttons: L3 / R3 / Touchpad are bound to the top row of Cross|Up buttons for additional in-game remapping!

    • Tournament Legal: This profile is legal for all major grassroots and developer-ran FGC events, including CPT 2023

    • Loadout: This is one of 12 special profiles saved on your Cross|up. You do not have to sacrifice your normal stick layout to experiment and have fun!

    Master the true potential of the Cross|Up faster with the 'Jump Button' and never accidentally jump again!


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