Training Mode Profiles on Cross|Up

We have designed some profiles to streamline your training process on the Cross|Up, so you can focus more on the grind.

Access these profiles by Importing them and Saving them to your Cross|Up.

By integrating the foundations of these profiles with Button Remapping and Shift Mode, you will be able to get the most out of training mode.

Profile: Training Mode - One Button Modifier

This Profiles uses the Training Mode modifier as its focus.

While holding the Training Mode modifier, the stick inputs change to:

  • UP = Options
  • DOWN = Touchpad
  • LEFT = L3
  • RIGHT = R3

The Training Mode modifier is also placed in a way that the Left-Stick binds can be used to help change your reset positions while in game.

Profile: Training Mode - Tekken 7

By incorporating the Options and Touchpad binds into the main layout, this Profile makes training mode for Tekken 7 more efficient.

Any game with a training mode that requires accessing the pause menu often will get a lot out of this profile as well.

Profile: Training Mode - UMvC3

The main feature of this Profile is the mulit-bind "UMvC3 Reset" which resets training mode in UMvC3.

In addition, L3 and R3 are added to the layout. These can be used for in-game macros.

This is a very specialized Profile to help provide an example of what profiles can look like for specific games.

Learn how to get these profiles onto your Cross|Up on our post "Importing and Exporting Profiles on Cross|Up."

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