Input Method Priority on Cross|Up

Customization on the Cross|Up is practically endless. In addition to Button Remapping and Hotkeys, you can determine how the separate directional inputs interact with each other. Using the "SOCD Options" menu at the top of the Designer Software, you can edit both the Input Method Priority and SOCD Resolution of...

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Button Remapping on Cross|Up

With the Cross|Up, you can use the Designer Software to remap your buttons in the controller. This is useful because you can map your buttons how you want, and all you have to do for button check is ensure you're on default controls! However, since the Cross|Up has more face buttons...

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Hotkey Basics on Cross|Up

  One of the most exciting aspects of the Cross|Up is its hotkeys. Combined with the Designer Software, you can amp up your practice regimen and take full advantage of training mode. By pressing and holding Touchpad + Options at the same time, you activate the hotkey options on the...

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Secret Menu on Cross|Up

There are more pre-loaded profiles than what is simply accessed by the profile switch. We have a whole smorgasbord of profiles on the Cross|Up that we call our "Secret Menu." You access the secret menu by putting your profile switch into the "II" or back position, and then holding a...

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Changing Main Profiles on Cross|Up

  The Cross|Up has three main profiles that are accessed easily by the three-way toggle switch on the side of the controller. You can switch among layouts at any time, even when plugged in and playing a game (no need to disconnect the controller). Profile 1 - Default Access Profile...

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