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A joystick that does more than only arcade games?  The Hit Box Cross|Up now lets you control analog Left Stick, analog Right Stick, and Dpad all while maintaining the classic nostalgic feel of a digital lever.  Bring the Hit Box mindset to the Z-Plane!

Our latest addition in 1.07 is called the "Camera Button":  An input bind that will transform your analog Left Stick inputs and apply them to the Right Stick. There’s no fumbling with sliders or analog nubs. Your hands stay in one place and your movement isn’t interrupted for smooth gameplay.

We added features that take this concept beyond the realm of novelty and make it simple, intuitive, and powerful.  These features are found in the new “3D Movement” submenu of the Designer.

The Camera Button is depicted above (far right middle) as a camera with two circulating arrows.  Hold this button to rotate the view around your character with the joystick -- while still running.

Introducing the Camera Button:
The first of the new features is the “Set Camera” button. It will transfer your analog Left Stick coordinates to the Right Stick. At a glance it turns an “LS Left” input into an “RS Left” input when Set Camera held. Under the hood, it will convert the exact state of your analog stick – including tilt mods and nunchuck inputs. This will allow you to control either analog stick with just one control method (lever, buttons, nunchuck) and will give you improved button economy on your layouts.  It's the button that lets us run and shoot at the same time!

More info: Camera Button on Cross|Up.

The stick figure above is the 'Walk Mod' button that lets you stealth up on enemies and control your bow with a fine aim.  Hold this button down and lower your analog motion to a delicate movement.

New Tilt Modifiers:
You'll need finer control than just full Left and full Right values. We have added 3 new tilt buttons to help you with moving and aiming.

  • Turn:  This is a modifier that will turn you around or give you a very slow walking speed in most games. It can also be used for situations that require very fine aim. (We were able to easily line up head shots in Apex Legends at 75m+ with this modifier.)
  • Walk:  Exactly as it sounds like. This modifier gives you a moderate walk speed in most games. When used in games where you aim down sights, this modifier usually gives you a slow pan.
  • Aim:  Slightly more tilted than 'Walk', this is the ideal button to smooth out your crosshairs to zero in on your pray.

Many profiles included with 1.07 use either 'Walk' or 'Aim.'  We picked out what we feel is the most useful for the appropriate games, but feel free to experiment and site in your Cross|Up to your personal specification!

More info: Tilt Modifiers on Cross|Up.


You’re not generally able to control both the analog Left Stick and the Dpad at the same time on a regular gamepad, so most games that use the Left Stick for movement usually relegate the Dpad to specific functions or wheel menus. This button addresses the inconvenience of having to map dedicated Dpad buttons for functions that require you to release the left analog stick to make selections on the Dpad.

Hold "LS->DPAD" and turn your joystick quickly from Left Analog into the Dpad. This button is great for switching weapons, checking the map, calling your mount, and much more!

More info: Left Stick-to-Dpad on Cross|Up.

The 'Aim Mod' is the crosshairs on the far right middle button.  It lets you both stealth and snipe with your bow!

Camera Button Options:

To give your layouts an extra sheen of polish and to make the handoff from Left Stick to Right Stick buttery smooth, we have added a “Camera Button Options” menu to the controller options menu where you set your SOCD and Priority options.

  • Invert Up and Down / Invert Left and Right:  Most games allow you to set camera sensitivities but some games will not let you flip your axes. This will allow you to invert your yaw and pitch for those games.
  • Initial Delay:  With this option checked, the Cross|Up will wait a little bit before applying the Left Stick to Right Stick transformation. This gives you the time to let your stick or nunchuk return to neutral and stop your character from facing the wrong direction.
  • Seize Directions:  Checking this option will make the controller maintain the exact state of the your directional buttons when you enter Camera mode. If you were strafing or had a wheel menu open, this option will keep you on course while you adjust the camera or pick your options.

More info: Camera Button on Cross|Up.

Improved QOL:

There are a few improvements for the sake of user experience. Changes to the button function ordering and naming, and the Designer now remembers what profile you were last editing on close.

1.07 is Loaded with Layouts for Games Across Many Genres

New games never before pioneered on stick: We've packed 1.07 full of new button layouts to OPTIMIZE the best gaming experience possible while you check out the new Camera Button.  In alphabetical order, here is a list of the pre-made profiles to try out:

Arena of Valor (Switch MOBA)
Assassin's Creed Odyssey
Bloodstained (2D)
Dark Souls (all titles)
Devil May Cry (all titles)
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Gauntlet: Slayer Edition
God of War
Kingdom Hearts III

Mario Odyssey
Monster Hunter: WORLD (Melee Build + Ranged Build)
Nioh (1 & 2)
Path of Exile
Pokemon Sword & Shield
Resident Evil Remakes (2 and 3)
Rocket League
Shadow of the Colossus
Shadow of War (Middle-earth)
Uncharted 4
Witcher III: Wild Hunt
Yakuza 6
Zelda_Breath of the Wild

We're aware there are hundreds more worthy games out there to try.  That's why we need your help!  Share your thoughts on our layouts, as well as your own custom layouts on our Discord!  Join in on the fun!

Rocket League uses Camera Button to check your sides while still handling your vehicle.  What other games can you check your blind spot in?

There are lots more games that are not literally a 3D game, but can still utilize the Camera Button nicely as well, such as how our Bloodstained profile lets us run and gun without giving up any of the classic Metroidvania feel.

Don't forget!  You need to update your firmware to enjoy all the new toys!

This update couldn't have happened without the genius and magic of Smash Box Devs.  We're proud to continue to develop and push the classic arcade joystick further than ever thought possible.  We're looking forward to proudly delivering you the greatest stick on the planet.  Enjoy the Hit Box Cross|Up 1.07!

Download Cross|Up Designer 1.07 

Due to the growing file size of the Designer software, we are using 7-Zip compression.  If you're unable to extract the file, you will need a program such as WinRAR or 7-Zip.

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