Changing SOCD Resolutions on Smash Box

The Smash Box is a unique controller not only because it allows you to input SOCDs but it also gives you the the ability to switch among many SOCD Resolutions. Here we'll show you how to switch among these resolutions.

For more info on SOCDs and SOCD Resolutions, check out our intro blog post on the subject: Introduction to SOCD and Resolutions.

Quick Overview

First thing to note is that all Smash Box controllers are default set to SOCD Neutral on all profiles. Here we'll be switching from that.

  1. Open up your Designer Software (Download here)
  2. Plug your Smash Box into your computer via USB
  3. Load Values from Smash Box (bottom right)
  4. Go to "Options" tab
  5. Find the X- or Y-Axis SOCD Resolution module in the top-left of the window
  6. Highlight and click the resolution of your choice
  7. Save Values to Smash Box (bottom right)

Below are more in depth directions on how to get everything working. For resources and troubleshooting, check these out.
Smash Box page:

Changing the SOCD Resolution

Be sure to Load Values from your Smash Box, as to not lose your settings and layouts. With your Smash Box plugged in via USB, click the "Load Values from Smash Box" button in the bottom right of the Designer window.

Next, select the "Option" tab at the top.

This is what the SOCD Resolutions modules should look like.

Select SOCD Resolution you want. Here we are selecting "Second Input Controlled Priority" for X-Axis.

After that, Save Changes to your Smash Box.

You should get a confirmation that the changes have been saved. Now you can unplug your Smash Box from the computer and get to playing with your new SOCD Resolution! And, remember, you can do the same thing with the Y-Axis too. Try things out and see what you like the most.

If you are having issues with designer, please try our troubleshooting blog: Smash Box Designer Help.

May your inputs be blessed.