SSBM - Quick and Dirty Marth Grabs

Wondering how you're going to translate your Grab Game to Smash Box?  EZ.  This guide will teach you how to Jump Cancel Grab, Boost Grab, and Pivot Grab!

We'll be demonstrating using this awesome layout!  For more information on how to make your own custom button layout, click here!


    JC Grab

    Dash (Analog Forward) -> Jump (Y) -> Grab (Z)

    This is a very quick motion, and you only have 4 frames to cancel your Jump into Grab.  Luckily the buttons are right next to each other on this button layout!

    You can also alternatively perform JC Grab with Analog Up tap Jump.  Both feel good, but I recommend Y Jump into Z Grab since they are literally next to each other! 

    Boost Grab

    Dash (Analog Forward) -> Dash Attack (A) -> Grab (Z)

    We're cancelling a Dash Attack into a Grab before the attack comes out to boost our distance! This technique has a specific timing.  Too fast and you won't get much boost distance.  Too slow and you won't cancel your Dash Attack into Grab.

    TIP:  Hit the speaker icon on the GIF above and listen to the rhythm of how I press A into Z!

    Pivot Grab

    Dash (Back), Dash (Forward) -> [next frame] Grab (Z)

    This is the one that takes practice!  In fact, there's a whole Marth Pivot Guide here for your reference on how get this timing deep down into your bones!

    I always recommend listening to the sound of the buttons, and this guide is no different!  It's much easier to learn when you get to feel and hear the timing together.  Every bit of your senses involved helps learn faster, as well as increase your success rate!

    The very nature of using arcade buttons helps your timing as well.  Rather than compensating for the throw of an analog stick against the click of a trigger button, we are using the exact same type of input for both inputs!  And there's no better type of input for tight timing like authentic Japanese arcade Sanwa buttons!

    Chain grabs are an important part of Marth's gameplan, so this is one to grind out!

    For any type of tech skill that requires difficult and strict timing, I always recommend Pyramid Practice:

    Pyramid Practice:

    1. Pivot Grab twice in a row.
      1. Pivot Grab twice in a row 2x in a row!
      2. Pivot Grab twice in a row 3x in a row!
      3. Pivot Grab 4x in a row, now 5x, etc!
    1. Pivot Grab three times in a row.
      1. Pivot Grab three times in a row 2x in a row!
      2. Pivot Grab three times in a row 3x in a row!
      3. Pivot Grab 4x times in a row, 5x, etc!

      If you miss, start over!

      Why?  Pyramid Practice uses positive reinforcement, rather than dull grinding.  See your goal and achieve your goal.  If you're stuck, you can go back to an easier target, or take a break and get right back at it later!  You also get a personal best score to remember, and a great hand warmer before sets!

      This is absolutely the fastest way to level up your tech skill, and that rings true for mastering Pivot Grab!  You have the right tools, you have the right information, time to up our Grab Game!

      Happy Training!

      -Hit Box Dustin