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Smash Box on PC

The Smash Box is an incredible alternative to a keyboard or fight stick on PC. Not only can it be used for a variety of genres like platformers and unique games like Rocket League, but the Smash Box is a fantastic controller for fighting games. This post will act as a...

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Customizing Angles on Smash Box

One of the greatest strengths of the Smash Box is the customizability you get from its Designer Software. With it you can shift button layouts around to better fit the game you are playing or your playstyle. You can also customize what angles you can access on your Smash Box,...

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SSBU - Optimal Mashing on Smash Box

One of the reasons the Smash Box is the best controller for Smash Bros. Ultimate is how much access you have to buttons. Since you can use all of your fingers, you have the ability to press a lot of buttons in a short amount of time. And one of the most...

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