Smash Box - Information, How To, and Features — SSBU

SSBU - C-Stick Fast Fall

When you hold down on the control stick while in the air, and press left, up, or right on the C-stick after the peak of your jump, you will get a fast-fall. This is great to get those aerials to come out right before you hit the ground.  

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SSBU - Double Up-B - Pika & Pichu

  Hit the perfect angle for the Pikachu and Pichu double up-B every time by using our designer software. Be sure to Load Values from your Smash Box, as to not lose your settings and layouts. Next, choose the profile you want to edit for double up-Bs.The default Ultimate layout...

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SSBU - Shield Walk with the Links

The Link characters in Ultimate can block projectiles with their physical shield as they walk. This is very important when dealing with projectile characters! Using the Smash Box controller for the Nintendo Switch, we'll go over how each of the Links can do this technique. Young Link With Young Link, use...

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SSBU - SOCD Neutral Tech

Let's talk about SOCD, and some of its uses on Smash Box in Smash Bros. Ultimate.First off, what's an SOCD? SOCD stands for Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions - basically, the act of pressing Left and Right at the same time. The default setting on Smash Box for resolving SOCD is "SOCD Neutral," which means that when...

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Tilt Attacks on Smash Box

If Smash Box is all buttons, how do Tilt Attacks work? Smash Box uses special buttons called "modifiers" that work exactly like the Shift key on your keyboard.  By holding down a Tilt modifier, your analog movement goes from full tilt to only slightly tilt! The Up / Down /...

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