Smash Box

SSBU - Optimal Mashing on Smash Box

One of the reasons the Smash Box is the best controller for Smash Bros. Ultimate is how much access you have to buttons. Since you can use all of your fingers, you have the ability to press a lot of buttons in a short amount of time. And one of the most...

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Project+ on Smash Box - Getting Started

The Smash Box is the best alternative to a GameCube controller or fight stick for Project+. In order to help you take advantage of the precision of this arcade controller, we have compiled this post to go over the basics of the Smash Box and key techniques to learn in...

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P+ - Default Project Plus Profile

This profile provides tons of capabilities for P+. Below are brief descriptions on the main aspects of the profile, as well as links to more in-depth information and practice. Download Designer Wavedash Angles Modifiers help control your wavedash distance! We provide access to 5 main wavedash angles. The most useful are going...

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SOCD Resolutions on Smash Box

The Smash Box has access to what is called SOCD, or Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions. Simply put, you can press Left and Right at the same time. In this post, we will overview the many ways Smash Box deals with SOCDs. For more info on SOCDs and SOCD Resolutions, check out...

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