3D Gaming Overview on Cross|Up

A fightstick that does more than only arcade games?  The Cross|Up lets you control analog Left Stick, analog Right Stick, and Dpad all while maintaining the classic nostalgic feel of a digital lever.

We have added features to the Cross|Up that take this concept beyond the realm of novelty and make it simple, intuitive, and powerful. There’s no fumbling with sliders or analog nubs. Your hands stay in one place and your movement isn’t interrupted for smooth gameplay.

Camera Mode

The Camera Mode bind will transfer your Left Stick directions to the Right Stick. It will also convert the exact analog values as well - this includes any movement or  tilt modifiers as well as nunchuk values.

This will allow you to control both Left Stick and Right Stick with just one input method (lever, buttons, nunchuck) and will give you improved button economy on your layouts. 

It is the button that lets us run and shoot at the same time!

Find more info at: Camera Mode on Cross|Up.

Left Stick to DPad Mode

Generally, it can be fairly difficult to use both the Left Stick and the DPad at the same time on a regular gamepad, so most games that use the Left Stick for movement usually relegate the DPad to specific functions or menus.

Left Stick to DPad Mode addresses the inconvenience of having to map dedicated DPad buttons by putting them all in one modifier.

Hold "LS->DPAD" to transfer your Left Stick inputs quickly into DPad inputs. This bind is great for switching weapons, checking the map, calling your mount, and much more!

More info: Left Stick-to-Dpad Mode on Cross|Up.


Modifiers for 3D movement

You will need finer control than just full Left and full Right values. We have added 3 new movement modifiers to help you with moving and aiming.

  • Slow Walk (Turn):  This is a modifier that will turn you around or give you a very slow walking speed in most games. It can also be used for situations that require very fine aim. (We were able to easily line up head shots in Apex Legends at 75m+ with this modifier.)
  • Fast Walk:  Exactly as it sounds like. This modifier gives you a moderate walk speed in most games. When used in games where you aim down sights, this modifier usually gives you a slow pan.
  • Fine Aim:  Slightly more tilted than 'Fast Walk', this is the ideal button to smooth out your crosshairs to zero in on your prey.
  • Wheel Menu (12-way): Diagonal inputs with the Left Stick will output as different angles depending on the input order of the Cardinal directions.
    • Without holding Wheel Menu, holding Up into Up + Right will output a 45 degree angle.
    • While holding Wheel Menu, holding Up into Up + Right will output a 67.5 degree angle.

You can find more info in our blog post: Tilt Modifiers on Cross|Up.

Profiles for Games Across Many Genres

Since these are new games never before pioneered on stick, we have included tons of game-specific profiles with the Cross|Up Designer. Import profiles from our library or design your own with the button remapping options!

Here is our Shadow of the Colossus profile as an example:



We are aware there are hundreds more worthy games out there to try.  That is why we need your help!  Share your thoughts on our profiles, as well as your own custom profiles in the #cross-up channel in our Discord!