Shift Mode on Cross|Up

One of the most exciting aspects of the Cross|Up is its Shift Mode. By pressing and holding Touchpad + Options at the same time, you activate Shift Mode on the Cross|Up. What is Shift Mode? By activating Shift Mode, you get access to an alternate layout on your selected profile....

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Secret Menu on Cross|Up

Did you know there are more pre-loaded profiles than what is simply accessed by the profile switch?  There are 8 additional profiles on the Cross|Up that we call our "Secret Menu."  This guide will give you a quick tour of all the fun profiles that are waiting for you in the Secret Menu....

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Default Profiles on Cross|Up

The three main Cross|Up profiles are designed for tournament play. Each provides a unique perspective on how to play fighting games, so test out each of them to see what best works with your playstyle, character, or game. Access these main profiles with the three-way profile switch on the side...

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Tekken on Cross|Up - EWGF

Electric Wind God Fist   Move the stick to Right. Then back to Neutral. Now move the stick Down and Hold it there. Then press the Right D-Pad button + 2 at the same time. The key to this technique is ensuring you're getting the Neutral input between the Right and...

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