NyxRose: Owner of EQNX and Hit Box shill

Meeting and talking to Hit Box players around the world has been an incredibly exciting and valuable experience for me - I've been able to learn so much and gain insight from the many perspectives of our players. It's rare, however, that any of these perspectives come from people who have strong sway within the FGC and are able to provide support to other members of the community. It's why I'm excited that this time around that the perspective we're shining light on is that of a team owner and veteran of many gaming communities: NyxRose.
Emily is a foul-mouthed Twitch partner, avid traveler, Owner and Co-Founder of Equinox (EQNX), and, most importantly, a Hit Box player! She got into the esports industry first with Halo 2 during its prominence at MLG and on GameBattles. Starting as a competitor, she eventually shifted her focus to a content creator as her college workload started to increase. This shift, however, gave her the skills and opportunity to work with other communities: with Star Craft 2, getting her first official esports job with IGN Pro League, and then with League of Legends writing articles for Riot.
This experience over the years, especially with diverse games and genres, made her a great fit for Echo Fox as a social media coordinator. It was her two years there that, with great guidance from her bosses, she gained the insights and standards needed to start her own team: Equinox.
Co-founded with her childhood friend Timothy, Equinox’s goal is to become the best esports team in the world, create a positive impact in the FGC, and support hungry and rising players to help them get to the top. These players have stories and great personalities too, and form as much, if not more, of the backbone of the community as the top players, so seeing them get exposure is awesome.
Fantastic photoshop work by Emily, advertise her IRL streams in Japan.
Emily recently organized a trip with one of her players, Cuddle_Core, to go to Japan and do FT10s against players there to help with leveling up and exposure. Getting to interact with the local Japanese scene regularly, Emily observed how the still thriving arcade culture helps maintain a strong sense of community and maintain a deep pool of skillful players. While overseas, she took the opportunity to also visit Korea, where she noted that their scene was less tight-knit and local tournament focused due to their players using online more. Luckily, this is something the players there are currently working on improving. As they say, "Support. Your. Locals."
Being a team owner and player manager has been stressful, but she wouldn’t change it for the world. She’s incredibly proud of and feels accomplished for where EQNX stands as a team, has learned to be more confident in the choices that she makes, and grateful to her players and community for the support they give.
Cuddle_Core (center) showing off a win with Emily (left) and Mimi (right).
Though she believes the FGC to be better for women than any scene she’s been a part of, and not at all reflective of what Twitch chat or Twitter may project, she does feel extra pressure being a woman in a position of power. But her focus on her goals and her team keeps her unswayed by any vile thrown her way - that focus is also helpful in dealing with the hate of being a Kazumi main and Hit Box player. People like Emily, and things like the Women of the FGC panel by Combo Queens, are helping set a stronger stage for women in the future in the FGC and we’re proud that she’s one of us!
And she seems to be happy to be part of the Hit Box community too. You can find her trolling or just straight up shilling on every part of the internet. Why does she do this? Here's what she had to say:
What I love most about Hit Box is pretty simple: it's fun to use. I enjoy learning and playing Fighting Games with my Hit Box and encouraging others to try it as well. As a casual player unwilling to grind inputs for hours in the lab, I like that Hit Box simplifies the directional inputs, which lets me focus on other game mechanics. Fighting Games are all about precision and efficiency, and Hit Box provides people with a product that improves that experience. Innovation is important for the industry, and Hit Box is blazing their own trail in the market. I'm happy to be a part of the movement!
It's been a pleasure getting to know and talking to NyxRose. Hardly a year into her work with EQNX, already doing great things so far, and we can't wait to see what else she has in store for the community! Her next step? Sending a player to the Tekken World Tour Last Chance Qualifier:
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