SSBM - Fox Jumpsquats & Multishine

Wanna do Blinky Stuff???

Fox execution all stems from his infamous "jump squat," which is the very specific 3 frames it takes from the time that you press Jump before he's considered airborne -- and a magic 4th frame immediately after the jump squat ends is what we're focusing on in this post.

You can do a lot of things once you get Fox's Jump Squat timing:

  • Wave Dash
  • Instant Aerials - Nair / Drill / Bair
  • Jump Cancel a Shine into anything you want.
  • Jump Out of Shield into anything you want.
  • And even Short Hop Double Laser (see other post here)

For example, here we're using Fox's jump squat to do all these useful things Out of Shield.

The goal of this article is to help you not only learn this very difficult timing, but to also associate all the like-minded muscle memory in Fox's execution to help you understand them better (and thus master all of them)!

We'll be demonstrating using this awesome layout!  We'll be demonstrating using this awesome layout!  For more information on how to make your own custom button layout, click here!

    Long Wave Dash

    Jump (Y), Modifier (Y1) + Analog (Down-Back or Down-Forward) during jump squat, Air Dodge (R)

    If this is your first time learning to Wave Dash on Smash Box, it's okay to leave out the Y1 Modifier for now.  That just makes your Wave Dash slide super far, and it also keeps your timing very honest -- even one frame late and you'll hear an "Ah-Ta."

    1. Jump
    2. Angle

    3. Air Dodge

    It's always important in Wave Dashing to hit the Y1 + Analog Down-Back / Down-Forward AFTER you press Jump.  That way whenever you want to Wave Dash Out of Sheild you won't accidentally spot dodge and roll everywhere; and similarly you won't accidentally Dash with how Shallow that Y1 angle is.

    The Y Jump and R Air Dodge are both on the top row together to make things as easy as possible.  Z and R are also next to each other to make your L-Cancels easy to reach from any situation.

    Once you have a good grasp on Fox's Wave Dash timing you're ready to apply this new timing to more things!

    TIP:  If you're struggling getting your Wave Dash perfect, I always recommend listening to the sound of your button presses.  Hearing + Feeling the jump squat timing is the fastest way to wire it into your subconscious.


    No two ways about it, getting this squat jump timing down TAKES PRACTICE!  I always recommend 'Pyramid Practice' to anyone wanting to learn most efficiently.

    Pyramid Practice: 

    1. Try to Wave Dash perfectly twice in a row.
      1. Now WD perfectly twice in a row 2x in a row!
      2. Now WD perfectly twice in a row 3x in a row!
      3. Now 4x, now 5x, etc!
    2. Try to Wave Dash perfectly three times in a row.
      1. Now WD perfectly three times 2x in a row!
      2. Now 3x, Now 4x, Now 5x, etc! 
    If you miss, start over!

    Why?  Pyramid Practice uses positive reinforcement, rather than dull grinding.  See your goal and achieve your goal.  If you're stuck, you can go back to an easier target, or take a break and get right back at it later!  You also get a personal best score to remember, and a great hand warmer before sets!

    This is absolutely the fastest way to level up your tech skill, and you can apply Pyramid Practice to any of the techniques in this article!

    Wave Shine

    Now that we can Wave Dash, we can Wave Shine!

    [Shine (Down + B) Jump (Y), Modifier (Y1) + Analog (Down-Back or Down-Forward) during jump squat, Air Dodge (R)]

    Or in other words:

    1. Shine
    2. Jump
    3. Angle
    4. Air Dodge
    This is just one thing we can do out of Shine.  There are many options:

    OOShine Options

    After practicing Shine into Wave Dash, try out doing Shine into Aerial!

    Shine Nair:  Shine (Down + B), Jump (X), Nair (A)

    You'll notice that Jump Nair instead of Jumping with Y, we're now Jumping with X -- it's literally the same everything but we're using the bottom row of buttons instead of the top row!

    Shine Dair / Bair:  Shine (Down + B), Jump (X), Dair or Bair (C-Stick Down or Back)

    Jumping into your C-Stick Aerials is a very similar thing, we're just using our thumb with that same rhythm.

    Shine Grab:  Shine (Down + B), Jump (Y) -> Z

    This one is actually easier since it doesn't require a perfect jump squat timing.  The Z button for Grab is right next to the Y button for Jump, so you can do one button after the other quite easily. 

    JC Shine 

    The gloves are off!  Come on!

    This is just like the Wave Dash, but timing is STRICT!  This is considered very difficult because now there is no margin for error with your timing:  You have to hit the Shine on frame 4 after the Jump.

    Dash, Jump (X), Shine (Down + B)

    I prefer to use my Index Finger for JC Shine because it uses the same muscle memory as my Wave Dash!  Same fingers; Same timing.

    This is also the precursor for learning to Multi-Shine.  I recommend doing the same Pyramid Practice recommended above to learn how to confidently bring JC Shine into your game plan!  Start with two in a row, and then build.  If you are one frame too late, you'll Shine in the air; one frame too soon and you'll just jump without anything coming out.


    This is the end of the line here.  Maximum swag.  There's no real need to master this, but the better you are at it, the more of a bulldozer swagmaster you'll be.  ;)

    I'm holding down Modifier Y2 with my Left Thumb so that I won't fall through the platform.  Beyond that, the input is just repeating all of your JC Shine practice rapidly:

    [Jump (X), Shine (Down + B)]

    When practicing I always start with a Jump to make sure I enforce the correct muscle memory.

    I'm once again using my Index Finger over on the B Button to make dead sure that my hard-earned Wave Dash practice applies to my Shine practice (and vice-versa)!

    Can you do more than 15x in a row???  Let us know!!!

    Happy Training!
    -Hit Box Dustin