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HBDustin Knoccs em Down

HBDustin demonstrates the various movement options Heihachi has into Electric Wind God Fist. Did you notice he's sliding his fingers across the top buttons to help his wave dash speed?!  This is a brand new technique to help you push the limits of Tekken!  The best part is... there's so many...

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EVO Roundup

EVO weekend was hectic and amazing for us. We got the chance to showcase our new product, the Cross|Up, for the first time publicly. First at the PSG Classic at HyperX Esports Arena, then for two days during EVO at Mandalay Bay. Our booth was packed the whole time. New...

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CEO Roundup

So.... This happened... (Pictured: Daigo with his weapon of destruction)   CEO was a great event for us in many ways. It was a first for most of us and a great way for us to connect with the communities, especially with the attention we've been getting recently:  Someone from...

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Hit Box X CEO 2019: What to Expect

  The Hit Box team will be on deck at one of the biggest fighting game events of the year this week: Community Effort Orlando 2019!  For all the attendees, we wanted to give a quick preview of what to expect when you visit the booth. Hit Box / Smash...

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